Leaders begin to determine whether recent mitigation efforts have helped stem COVID-19 spread

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As COVID-19 continues to surge in our state, leaders are starting to look at whether recent mitigation efforts have had an impact on the spread of the virus.

It’s been just over three weeks since Gov. Steve Sisolak announced “Stay at Home 2.0”. The two-week initiative was put in place to try to bring down the surging virus numbers.

On a Wednesday call with Nevada Health Response, the team addressed the drop in COVID cases from this time last week and whether or not that’s a result of recent mitigation efforts.

Caleb Cage, Nevada’s COVID-19 response director, says it’s important to look at these numbers in terms of trends over time.

“There’s always a two- to three-week lag from when the case is identified and when we start reporting them,” he noted. “There’s also a two- to three-week lag for when we start to see mitigation measures, or when we could start to see mitigation measures take hold.”

Cage says they are unsure if the decrease is due to a lower number of people getting tested over the holidays, or from any changes in who went to get tested.

“It certainly does not include any of the impacts that we may or may not see from Thanksgiving,” he explained. “So, all of that is to say yes, a decrease in cases is positive, but it’s too early to call this a trend, or even see if what the causes of that might be.”

With this in mind, it may be a few more weeks before we start to see the effects of statewide mitigation efforts, including the recent statewide “pause” put in place by Sisolak.

Nevada Health Response announced updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance on quarantine periods. New guidelines state individuals can go back to normal activities after seven days if they tested negative, starting on day five of quarantine. This also applies to individuals after 10 days if they are asymptomatic and testing is not available.

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