Lawsuit: Ronaldo said “sorry,” and that “he was usually a gentleman” after alleged assault

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 A lawyer for a Nevada woman alleging that soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo raped her in 2009 calls her client “emotionally fragile” and says she accepted a settlement back then because she never wanted her name made public.

Attorney Larissa Drohobyczer said Tuesday that Kathryn Mayorga is currently out of the U.S. and isn’t speaking with the media about a civil lawsuit she filed last week against Ronaldo.

8 News NOW doesn’t typically identify alleged victims of sexual assault, but the Associated Press reported that Drohobyczer said Mayorga gave her permission to release her name.

The lawsuit alleges Ronaldo raped the woman at a Las Vegas hotel penthouse and had what the lawsuit called “fixers” obstruct a police investigation and trick Mayorga into keeping quiet for $375,000.

Mayorga said she refused to provide a name out of fear and public humiliation.  She says her decision left her terrified and unable to advocate for herself, but now she wants the settlement and agreement voided.

Mayorga is a former teacher and model from Las Vegas. She says she met Ronaldo in 2009 at Rain nightclub at the Palms Hotel and Casino. 

The court documents for the civil lawsuit filed against Ronald Thursday says Mayorga met Ronaldo when he invited a group of people to his penthouse. 

She said she along with the other guests were invited into the hot tub.  She said she declined because she did not have a bathing suit, but Ronaldo offered her other clothing. 

While changing her clothes she says Ronaldo entered the bathroom and asked her to perform a sexual act.  She says she refused and that’s when he pulled her into a bedroom and allegedly assaulted her.  She says she repeatedly screamed, “no, no, no.”

After the alleged assault, Ronaldo told her he was “sorry,” and that “he was usually a gentleman.”

Ronaldo denied the accusation.

“Fake; fake news you want to promote by my name,” Ronaldo said. “It’s normal they want to be famous to say my name.” 

Mayorga says the sexual assault caused her to suffer physical injuries, posttraumatic stress disorder, and depression. 

8 News NOW spoke with legal analyst Mace Yampolsky about the case.

“Most of these cases, consent is the defense,” Yampolsky said.  “In sexual assault cases there’s a statue of limitations of four years which means after four years elapse, if the D.A. hasn’t charged them they wouldn’t be able to charge them unless there is a report made within the statuary period,” said Yampolsky.

This isn’t the first time the soccer star has faced these types of allegations.

Two women accused him of rape at a London Hotel in 2005.  He was arrested and questioned, but never charged.

A news conference regarding the lawsuit will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m. where the counsel for Mayorga will discuss and answer questions regarding specific allegations in the lawsuit.

Las Vegas police confirmed Monday they’ve reopened a sexual assault investigation at Mayorga’s request.

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