LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A mother is breaking her silence regarding a child abuse investigation at an elementary school in Las Vegas.

According to a recently filed federal lawsuit, a special education teacher is accused of hitting multiple students at Garehime Elementary School as a form of discipline. Garehime is located at 3850 N Campbell Road.

Ryan Lewis was the principal at Garehime at the time the incidents took place. He was reassigned earlier in the year amid two child abuse investigations. No one has yet to be charged.

But, Sirbrina Bell said she’s thankful for the whistleblower who exposed the alleged abuse.

“For those who did witness. Who did report it. Bailee and I are thankful more than you will ever know because it’s easy to turn a blind eye and let things go,” Bell said.

According to the lawsuit, Kathryn Fitzgerald is accused of grabbing Bell’s daughter Bailee Rae by the wrist or hand, then pinching and squeezing in between the child’s index finger and thumb.

“She was using physical punishment to restraint my child,” Bell said.

Gregg Hubley, Bell’s attorney, added, “It was documented actually by [the Clark County School District] that after one of these incidents, where she was pinched. She was crying, she was physically in pain.”

Bailee Rae is five years old and has non-verbal autism.

Last year, CCSDPD investigated Fitzgerald and she was not charged, but police found there was an attempted cover-up among administrators and staff of the alleged abuse.

Hubley said this all points to systemic issues in CCSD.

“No one was held responsible. No one was held accountable for what happened to Bailee Rae and for what happened to the other dozen or so children who were in this classroom,” he said.

The Clark County School District confirmed to 8 News Now that Fitzgerald is currently working at Garehime. According to an investigation from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Fitzgerald “does pinch the students as a form of discipline.”

The investigation added that “Fitzgerald has a pattern of behaviors of intentionally inflicting pain on her students to correct their behavior.”

In a statement, CCSD said the district does not on pending litigation.

Fitzgerald sent the following statement to 8 News Now:

“I have never abused a student or a child. The associate superintendent sent forms to parents alleging I abused or neglected students. They were based on the false allegations of one disgruntled employee. I have been a school teacher for nearly twenty years with stellar evaluations. I stand with this parent and her efforts to be a fierce advocate for her child. The decision to distribute unsubstantiated, false allegations to parents is inexcusable. The Clark County School District associate superintendent should be held accountable for leading a parent to believe her child suffered any harm. I am proud to be a teacher who has spent years working with students of all ages; who fosters a strong sense of support between my students and their parents.”