LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — State and county representatives, alongside Metro police and volunteers, worked to clean up the Berkley Square Neighborhood Saturday.

It is the first subdivision in the state of Nevada built by and for African-American residents.

Volunteers picked up trash and painted curbs and fire hydrants for the beautification event and block party.

It is one of the oldest communities in the Historic Westside and the area was designed in 1949 by Paul Revere Williams.

Born and raised resident, Tammy Lattimore said it is a tight-knit community had been on the decline.

“Taking care of the community, and it is greatly welcomed,” she said. “Happy to see it, appreciate it, so we can continue to strive in Las Vegas and be a part of this great city.”

LVMPD Bolden Area Command Captain Branden Clarkson stressed the importance of the partnership with the community and community pride.

“We helped install ring doorbells, did curb clean-ups, cleaned garbage, and swept streets,” he explained. “You look at how beautiful these old homes are, this community still thriving and I think looking good is a great part about it.”

The block party featured classic cars, a rock-climbing wall, food, and booths with tons of community resource groups to connect.

Lattimore said she’d like to see more stores and restaurants in the area.

The Berkley Square Neighborhood was listed on the National Register of historic places in 2009.