Last Supermoon of 2020 to shine bright on Thursday morning

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(CNN/KLAS) — Everyone needs something super right now, so Mother Nature is serving up a Supermoon Thursdsay morning, the last one of four for this year.

If you would like to catch the spectacle, set your alarm for 6:45 a.m. Thursday morning. You can also catch a glimpse of it starting on Wednesday night.

It is called a “supermoon” because it is very close to the Earth right now. This particular moon is called the “flower moon,” which makes sense considering how much is in bloom right now.

Other names include the “corn planting moon” or the “milk moon.”

It lines up with a Buddhist holiday called “Vesak,” which some call Buddha’s birthday.

The moon will actually look full for three days, starting Tuesday night through Friday morning, but it will hit its peak early Thursday morning.

The last Supermoon we saw was the “pink moon,” the biggest Supermoon of the year. It rose into the sky on April 7.

If you capture pictures of it, be sure to send them to

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