LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The deadline to file tax returns is midnight Tuesday, April 18. Filers can do it electronically, send it through the mail, or use a tax service.

Janelle King, the district manager, and COO with Jackson Hewitt shared some tips for filing. 

She said people can bring organized documents, from W-2s to last year’s returns to personal identification items like a Social Security card. It’s important to be as accurate and organized as possible. 

There were also some changes this year. The Child Tax Credit which gave parents $3,600 for children under six years of age and $3,000 for kids between six and 17 has gone away. 

The figure has returned to $2,000 per dependant under 16 years of age but the amount fluctuates depending on income. 

Also, more people have side gigs with rideshare companies. King said it’s important to save all receipts for mileage and maintenance and check each company’s policies. 

The basic package for filing through Jackson Hewitt is $65 and the rate to file an extension starts at $99.

Filers can also go to for free filing and extension options. The extension gives a filer until Oct. 16, 2023.

If you do need an extension, it will be good through October 16th. 

King cautioned to be aware that an extension is beneficial for more time, but it doesn’t avoid fees. Filing an extension comes with penalties ranging from paying interest on what you owe and the possibility of delaying your refund. 

Regardless, King said whether it’s filing taxes or an extension, be sure to take action on April 18. 

King also reminds people to avoid scams which tend to occur this time of year. The IRS will contact you via mail. The IRS will never call or email you.