LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas’ oldest free-standing bar, Atomic Liquors, turns 70 and this weekend they are hosting a three-day celebration in honor of the historic gem.

Mike Kamer is a longtime customer and describes why he frequents the establishment.

Atomic Liquors turns 70 in downtown Las Vegas (KLAS)

“You have people come and visit you from out of town and there like let’s go to the strip and as a local, we tend to say, ‘How bout we don’t!’ Atomic is a great way to get out of that, give your friends a little history tour and have a great time,” Kamer said.

The bar opened in the 1940s and is located in downtown Las Vegas, originally named, Virginia’s Cafe.

Christopher Gutierrez is the General Manager and tells 8 News Now the original owners enjoyed hosting cocktail parties so much, that they changed their establishment into a liquor store with a more bar-like feel, and obtained their liquor license in 1952.

So how did they get their, “Atomic” name? Gutierrez said.

“We were named ‘Atomic’ because of our famed watch parties, nuclear watch parties specifically, that would occur from the roof in the early fifties at the test site right over to the north of us,” he shared.

Described as an escape from the Las Vegas Strip, ‘Atomic Liquors’ welcomed iconic figures into their bar…like the Rat Pack, Barbara Streisand, Clint Eastwood, and several more. 

The three-day 70th-anniversary celebration starts Friday, June 17th on the corner of Fremont and 10th street.