UPDATE: Jennifer Destroyer told 8 News Now she is now in possession of her previously towed car. She added that she had to pay over $750 at the impound lot to get the car back.

Renaissance Villas apartment complex management told 8 News Now an appointment has to be made in order to discuss its parking policy.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A Las Vegas woman claims her car was towed from her designated spot at an apartment complex because it was parked there for 72 hours.

Jenifer Destroyer has lived at Renaissance Villas apartment complex for over a decade. She said nowhere in her lease does it say her car is subject to being towed if it wasn’t operated for a certain amount of time.

“I went to the leasing office, and I asked them, why was my car towed,” said Destroyer, “I was told I wasn’t operating my car enough and that it had the appearance of being stored.”

Initially, Destroyer claimed that the fee to get her 1991 Mustang was over $300 a day, however, the towing company told 8 News Now that the initial towing fee was $250 with it costing just under $40 a day while the vehicle sits in the storage lot. There’s also a lien fee of $117 if the car has been there for over five days which it has at this point.

Renaissance villas management told 8 News Now that an appointment needed to be made in order to discuss its parking policy.