LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Infertility is an issue many couples go through however, it is usually not openly discussed. A Las Vegas woman is taking her struggles to get pregnant and turning them into a children’s book.

Diana Aleksandrova and her boyfriend have always wanted to be parents, however, that common goal many couples dream of has now turned into a 10-year struggle for them.

“It took a few years for me to realize I’m not going to get pregnant very easily,” Aleksandrova said. “It’s hard to accept that it’s not happening.”

Aleksandrova is not alone, studies show 6.1 million American woman struggle with infertility. However, her struggles are being voiced in a children’s book called “The Lazy Stork.”

The story is inspired by an old tale from her home country of Bulgaria which said big birds like storks are the ones who deliver babies to families.

“I thought, ‘wow my stork is really late’ and I decided to blame all my struggles on a lazy stork. But since it’s for kids, I wanted it to be playful in a funny way,” Aleksandrova said.

Her book is meant to offer hope to women struggling to get pregnant and to current siblings who are eagerly waiting for their little brother or sister. It also shows that once that baby comes into the world, it would be hard to stay mad at the lazy stork that took so long.

Aleksandrova told 8 News Now that she is currently trying IVF as her last resort, but is keeping her faith strong.

“The Lazy Stork” will be available to buy on Mother’s Day.