LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A hobby of making candles turns into big business for a Las Vegas woman who has just opened a store. The Simply Pleasing Candle Company is located on the west side, on Rainbow Boulevard near Charleston. It’s the first black-owned candle business in the valley.

“Simply Pleasing Candle Company is the definition of how shopping small can go a long way.

” I thought it would be like a family type of thing; I didn’t think the rest of the world would accept it, but I am very grateful that they did, said MaKayla Shorts, the owner of Simply Pleasing Candle Company.

Shorts has always loved candles, but the idea of owning her own candle business came to her in a dream back in September.

“It was ‘Candles by MaKayla,’ and that was my dream. It was sitting on someone’s shelf, and I didn’t know it would be my own,” she said.

Shorts got to work on her dream and started her online business in November, but the number of orders quickly outgrew her home, which led her to open a brick-and-mortar store on Rainbow Blvd.

“The master bedroom looked like this but worse with IKEA shelves all over the room,” Shorts said.

She has plans to expand.

And just this week Shorts found out she was the first black-owned candle shop owner in the city!

Shorts says the pandemic made her realize how quickly a steady income can be taken away. She says she was grateful to have her candle business to help support her family.

Short has some advice for other entrepreneurs looking to take a chance the way she did.

“I didn’t know anyone who has run a business personally that I could ask questions; so I would say just do it,” Shorts said.

For those of you interested in learning how to make candles, Shorts says she will host a class in July on how you can do it.