LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Nearly two months after the largest fire the city of Las Vegas has seen in 25 years, a woman who lost her home in the blaze is sharing her story with 8 News Now. 

It was a fire Las Vegas will never forget, with 10 buildings and more than two dozen cars destroyed by billowing flames. 

“The fire was just so high,” Diana Silva recalled. “So big.”

Silva said her life changed forever on June 19, as she told 8 News Now she was sound asleep when the blaze started at the Urban Lofts downtown, near Fremont Street and Eastern Avenue.

“Those embers were coming at a speed,” Silva explained. “That you just felt the heat get stronger.”

She escaped with just her two dogs and the clothes on her back, and she said rebuilding her life since has been anything but easy. 

“It’s really hard not to replay it,” Diana said. “What you could have done, the shoulda coulda would.”

She had serious smoke inhalation and burned the bottom of her feet, but Silva said the traumatic experience has been especially hard on her mental health. 

“There’s a lot of maneuvering when you are adapting to everything else you need to adapt to,” Diana told 8 News Now. “There’s times that I just want to stay in bed, but I can’t.”

Still, she does her best to take things day by day and focus on her future, while also remembering what was. 

“What I had no longer exists and it’s not coming back,” Silva concluded. “I lost my identity, everything that shaped me.”

Silva said she has insurance, but the claims are taking a while to come through, so she’s struggling to buy new clothes and furniture. 

If you’d like to help, we have a link to her GoFundMe here.