LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As the world continues to watch in horror the images coming from Israel, Ofra Etzion also watches and fears she may recognize someone.

“Just closing our eyes at night and getting those images in my head it is very difficult,” Etzion said. “We are terrified, we are horrified for our family.”

It is not just relatives she is worried about, but her 20-year-old daughter Noy who is serving in the Israeli Defense Force.

For the safety of Noy, 8 News Now has chosen not to reveal her identity.

“Israel never seen anything like this before,” Etzion said.

This war is her daughter’s hardest duty yet.

“On Friday night, I started to get text messages from my daughter, like mom something is happening,” she said.

By the weekend, there were several buildings destroyed and hundreds of lives lost.

Etzian tells 8 News Now she has not been able to sleep since getting that first text from her daughter.

“I sleep with my phone next to my head, and every couple of minutes, I wake up just to check messages, just to see she is safe,” Etzian said.

She also added that her daughter was supposed to be released from the military in January, however, that is up in the air now.