LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – It’s a tradition for many across the Las Vegas valley and beyond.

A celebration to remember loved ones who have passed on, Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos.

Monica Quintero is preparing for a special moment to remember her loved ones who have passed on.

“I lost a lot of people in my family,” Quintero said. “But little by little you enjoy more and embrace the things they left you.”

Most of those memories are now ofrendas or offerings placed on her altar at home to welcome her departed loved ones.

“I have my grandparents I grew up with them, my dad, my two aunties, two uncles, and also when I was very young, I lost a baby,” she said.

While also honoring her family’s traditions and history.

“So, for me, it’s part of my culture as a Mexican, and I teach my daughters when they were young to do this,” Quintero said.

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“So, here I have the pictures of my loved ones and some of the items you can see like this chalina [or scarf] my grandma used wear to church on Thursday,” explains Quintero.

“The flor or [flower] de cempasuchitl is also from this season, so the special aroma brings our loved ones and guides them to their altar,” she added.

Quintero also placed candles, sugar skulls, papel picado or pecked paper, pan de muerto, or bread of the dead to guide the deceased. She then sets a petate or a mat on the ground.

“They can come and rest because they are tired of the long journey,” Quintero said while showing us. “The salt and then the money and this is the purification and the money is to pay the dog.”

Also explaining people can also add a cup of water on top of the mat.

“So, here’s the water, we also have the copal or [tree resin] which is also the incense going to bring them and guide them to the altar,” she explained.

A five-hour long setup filled with vibrant colors, love, and a chance to reunite with her ancestors once again.

Quintero said she feels proud more and more people are celebrating the Day of The Dead, and hopes others incorporate it in their lives. The holiday is celebrated on November 1 and 2.
Also celebrated on November 2 for several faiths, All Souls’ Day, commemorating those who have passed on.

There are several Dia de Los Muertos events happening all weekend including the Great Las Vegas Taco Festival which will highlight more altars for the public to see.