LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman is facing multiple charges after allegedly punching a constable during an eviction before being tased twice.

On Monday, July 11, officers were called to an apartment complex on the 4500 block of South Paradise Road after the constable was struck with brass knuckles while attempting to evict an apartment there.

According to the arrest report, the constable arrived at Kylie Froden’s apartment a little after 8 a.m. and knocked on the door, announcing who he was. Froden refused to open the door for him, at which point maintenance for the building used a key to open the door.

Upon entering, he noticed that Froden was naked from the waist down and screaming. Police said she refused his requests to get dressed and vacate the apartment even after the constable explained that there was a court-ordered eviction.

As he entered, Froden allegedly punched him in the face with brass knuckles. She attempted to hit him again before he tased her. Froden pulled the Taser probes out so he tased her again before tackling her to the ground.

Froden hit and kicked the constable repeatedly before maintenance arrived to help him put her in restraints. When police arrived, Froden had blood on her nose and chest, while the constable had a black eye.

Froden did not listen to officer instructions, but she admit to hitting the constable before “rambling” to officers about the CIA and drones. She then began screaming at them, claiming that her elbow, wrist, foot, and back were broken after she was “stomped on.” She also told officers that “maggots were placed inside her body.”

After being transported to the hospital, Froden kicked a doctor in the stomach and scratched his arm with her toe, before being sedated by staff.

The constable was later hospitalized from his injuries, where he was told that he might lose vision in his eye, or the eye entirely, the report stated.

Froden was arrested for the following charges:

  • Battery with a deadly weapon
  • Battery on a police officer with a deadly weapon
  • Battery with a deadly weapon on an older person
  • Possession of a dangerous weapon
  • Resisting a police officer with a deadly weapon non-firearm
  • Battery of a first responder
  • Battery against a protected person with substantial bodily harm

Froden is currently being held in the Clark County Detention Center on a $10,000 bail. She is scheduled for an initial court appearance on July 28.