LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Video footage obtained by police conflicted with a Las Vegas woman’s self-defense claim after she allegedly shot her boyfriend in August.

Kimberly Warth, 41, also identified in report as Kimberly Bellingar, was arrested on Tuesday on a murder charge, according to an arrest report.

This arrest comes two months after the death of her boyfriend, 58-year-old John Welsh, who was also the adopted father of her biological child. Welsh adopted Warth’s children after she lost custody of them fourteen years prior.

The two eventually made contact once Warth made an effort to reconnect with her children, and started living together in December last year.

According to police, Warth and Welsh got into an argument on August 12 when she told him she was going to fight for legal custody of her daughter. This argument came because Warth believed Welsh had a drinking problem.

Warth alleged that Welsh told her “You will die before you take her away from me.”

Initally, Warth told police that on August 17, Welsh came after her with a large kitchen knife, which he had wrapped in a towel. She said she picked up a gun and told Welsh to “stop, back up, or she would protect herself.”

Warth told police that Welsh then charged at her with the knife raised, at which point she “lifted the gun, closed her eyes, and shot twice.”

Warth called 911 as she and her daughter were leaving the house. When police arrived, a butcher knife was found next to Welsh’s body.

During the investigation, police found two video cameras that were attached to Welsh’s workstation. Once the footage was viewed, detectives determined that it conflicted with Warth’s initial story.

On October 4, Warth was interviewed again. After she gave the same story about Welsh coming after her with a knife, detectives asked if she wanted to change her story. They then told her about the video and audio recording from Welsh’s camera.

Because the video conflicted with what Warth said happened, she was arrested for murder with use of a deadly weapon.

In a later interview, Warth told police that Welsh had never been physical with her in the past. She was afraid of what Welsh could do and that’s what prompted her to shoot him, according to the report.

She admitted that Welsh was unarmed and that she had collected the kitchen knife and thrown it near his body after the shooting.

Warth is scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning.