LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman faces several charges, including attempted murder, after police said she ran over two teenage girls after a fight outside of an east Las Vegas valley business, police documents said.

On Tuesday, Aug. 15 shortly after 6:30 p.m., police were called to a business in the 5800 block of Boulder Highway after a report of a fight that broke out between 10 women and teens.

According to an arrest report, three women and a teenage girl got into a fight with a group of teenage girls. After the fight was broken up, the women and the girl got into a car and drove away from the scene, purposefully running over two of the teenagers before crashing into a wall.

The report stated that the three women, identified as Raimey Moszee, 22, Jazmyne Moszee, 20, and Tykia Williamson, 24, then ran from the crash scene. The teenager who also fled from the vehicle was not identified.

Raimey was taken into custody shortly after.

Raimey Moszee, 22, faces several charges after a fight outside of east valley business. Source: LVMPD

The report stated a witness told police that she saw a “group of teenagers” fighting in the parking lot of a convenience store. She said she saw several people get into a black vehicle and drive away quickly. She thought some children were hit by the vehicle, but did not see it happen.

According to the report, Raimey told police that she went to the store with her sisters, Jazmyne and the unidentified teen, and her girlfriend, Williamson. When they arrived, Jazmyne went into the store and was followed by two teens that Raimey said they were in an altercation with earlier in the day.

The report stated that Jazmyne told police that when she had been in the store earlier in the day, Raimey told her that a group of teenagers were staring at their little sister and making comments about her hair. The group got into Raimey’s car and went to a dispensary before returning to the store for some drinks.

According to the report, Raimey told police that she and Williamson got out of the car after two teens followed Jazmyne into the store. She told police that there were numerous other teen girls outside the store.

Raimey told police that the girls inside the store with Jazmyne started to instigate a fight and Williamson tried to hold her back. Raimey told police that she was “jumped” by the teen girls outside the store.

One of the victims told police that one of the suspects in the car started the fight, the report stated.

Several witnesses identified Raimey as being “100% involved in the incident.”

Surveillance video shows the fight lasting for about a minute and a half. An employee of the convenience store stepped in to break up the fight and told them all to leave, the report stated.

According to the report, after the fight, Raimey told Jazmyne “Give me the keys, I’m going to run these [expletive]s over.”

Raimey told police that she then got into the vehicle and ran over two of the teen girls before driving away and crashing the vehicle. The group then ran away from the accident on foot.

The report stated that one of the victims told police that after the fight, she and her sisters and friends started walking away from the convenience store toward Missouri Avenue. She told police that the black car then drove at them, hitting her. She told police she went under the car.

Surveillance video showed the car hitting the second victim, hitting her from behind, causing her to go over the hood and to the ground. She remained in life-threatening condition at the time of the arrest report.

Detectives found clothing, shoes, hair, and teeth belonging to the victims at the crime scene.

Raimey was booked on two counts of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon, two counts of battery with the use of a deadly weapon, and one count of duty to stop at the scene of an accident.

Jazmyne and Williamson were both issued a citation for disorderly conduct.