LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– After last year’s pandemic-related slump, the Las Vegas wedding industry celebrated its 2021 return during an event Wednesday. 

The fifth annual State of the Wedding Industry broke down the latest marriage numbers, citing close to 80,000 licenses issued in Clark County in 2021, which is the most we’ve seen since 2015. 

8 News Now spoke with a few local couples who can’t wait to tie the knot here in Las Vegas. 
“I knew on our first date that he was the one,” Samantha Michaels said of her fiancé Kolbey Wood. 

They are just one of many couples ready to walk down the aisle, and for the wedding capital of the world, the future is promising. 

“If we are going to do it,” Wood said of his wedding. “Might as well do it right.”

During Wednesday’s event, Clark County Clerk Lynn Maria Goya told 8 News Now she is celebrating the most marriage licenses they’ve seen in about 20 years. 

“Despite COVID, people want to get married,” Goya said. “And they really want to share their lives together.”

Pandemic shutdowns brought a slight slump in 2020, but Chapel of the Flowers CEO Donne Kerestic said pent-up demand and a focus on “forever” has made all the difference for his business. 

“It’s not The Hangover, it’s not raunchy weddings,” Kerestic explained. “These are normal weddings for people all over the world.”

As for Samantha and Kolbey, their special day will celebrate a true devotion to each other, while experiencing everything in this city that makes matrimony more than memorable. 

“Every time I listen to the song I am going to walk down the aisle to,” Michaels said. “I cry.”

Clark County is also set to mark its five millionth marriage license later this year, celebrating with its “Five Million Love Stories” tribute. 

Chapel of the Flowers also expects international travel to increase marriage numbers in Clark County in 2022.