LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– On the day before Veterans Day, several military veteran ADT employees will partner with Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas to help build a new home for a local woman who has fallen on hard times.

“I’m very excited and it’s all surreal to be part of this process,” said 23-year-old Monica, the recipient of the new home.

Monica is a Las Vegas local who has had a challenging past. At times she was living in her car. She has asked 8 News Now to keep her identity concealed.

Her life recently took a turn for the better, however, as she was selected by Habitat for Humanity to become the beneficiary of a new home project.

“Monica has to complete 300 plus equity hours,” said Angela Phillips, executive director of Habitat for Humanity. “What that means is she has to contribute her own labor and time out on the construction site, working alongside our donors and volunteers who are giving us a downpayment for her home.”

Monica’s 800-square-foot home is part of a 20-unit project in Henderson that will feature a smart security system and rooftop solar system donated by ADT. A complete package that the organization claims will help protect her from crime and cut utility costs.

“We don’t want to build large-scale homes that have high utility costs, more property tax increases,” said Phillips, “our homes are truly affordable for our homeowners.”

On Thursday, ADT employees were among many volunteers seen building the home to help Monica get back on her feet.

“This whole process has still been sinking in,” said Monica, “the first night I will be happy and just enjoy my home. Sit around and soak it all in.”

The home project is expected to be complete by March. If you are interested in learning more about the work Habitat for Humanity is doing, visit this link.