LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– For the fifth year in a row, Vegan Dining Month is back in Las Vegas in January.

Restaurants across the valley will participate, with dedicated vegan items on their menus, including Barry’s Downtown Prime at Circa.

“It’s not just a trend. It a way for us to show respect and pay homage to that lifestyle or to that moral choice to become a vegan or whatever the case may be for anyone who wants to become vegan,” Yassine Lyoubi said.

Whether it’s weight loss, for the environment, or to improve heart and kidney health, vegan cuisine is growing in popularity.

“It’s becoming more accessible now than ever. It’s cool to see more people go vegan now that there are easier ways to do so,” Diana Edelman said.

Edelman is 1 of more than 9 million vegans in the U.S. She chose to go meatless for animal rights, but for many others, it’s health-related.

“I was coming home from the sanctuary and was looking out the window and saw a truck full of pig beings taken to slaughter that was it. That moment I was like, right, I’m never eating meat again,” Edelman added.

Vegan Dining Month will run until the end of the month.

“A lot of our team members who came to join us were vegan. We wanted something to cater to them and their families. It started kind of selfishly, and then it quickly became something important,” Lyoubi added.

From fast-food joints like KFC’s new vegan nuggets to vegan girls scout cookies and now plant-based dishes can be found at fine dining restaurants.

“To see these big named restaurants embracing this shows you what the future is. Also, other restaurants that you are going to have to catch up,” Edelman added.

A portion of the proceeds from participating restaurants will be donated to The Churchill Foundation.

For the complete list of participating restaurants, click here.