LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas Valley Water District has said it has a solution to our continued drought on the Colorado River. It’s a new tool called AMI.  

8 News Now was told it will help customers manage their water usage more efficiently 

“It brings the temperature down.” 

Ace Anderson has been living in Las Vegas for more than 20 years and takes pride in her home and all the greenery around it. 

“We thought about doing turf to keep it green but then there are dogs around here that walk around. In the summer it might be too hot for their paws. We thought about it, but it takes away from the neighborhood,” said Anderson. 

As water conservation increases across the valley, Corey Enus with the Las Vegas Valley Water District said they are rolling out a new 20 million dollar tool called advanced meter infrastructure to help it’s customers make smarter water choices. 

“It will give us the ability to get meter reads on a daily basis as opposed to have trucks roll up to get that information once a month,” said Enus. 

Water officials said the system is 80 percent complete with an expected launch of spring 20-23. While AMI promises to be more efficient for the utility company, they say it will also provide benefits for customers without them having to worry about installing anything.    

“It will give them the ability to set limits on usage, leak notifications and information in real time and how they are using water at their property,” Enus said.  

Enus said there will be no cost to the customer and has been funded by previous rates.  

Right now, watering on Sundays is prohibited and mandatory watering restrictions is in full effect between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily. Restrictions, Anderson said, that reflect our grim reality.  

“Is it fair? I don’t think it’s fair but it’s also our choice to keep it.” 

Water officials tell us the system is becoming industry standard around the country and water investigations will continue as normal. They said customers will be able to learn more about its use we get closer to launch.