LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Spring has come and while temperatures are rising, the Las Vegas valley is seeing more pesky insects crawling and flying around.

“It’s not going to make a difference, they are still going to come, it’s the valley. It’s hot, it’s the season,” Christina Tichenor said.

Tichenor also said that she has seen a variety of bugs come through the hotel lobby where she works on the Strip.

“We’ve seen a lot of bugs come through the doors and dead crickets in the windows and it’s just the time of the year that they come out it’s here every year,” Tichenor said.

UNLV professor of life sciences, Allen Gibbs said recently those at the Richard Tam Alumni Center on campus has had their own encounter with what they referred to as a “moth outbreak” in their building.

“Some people get really freaked out by them, but they are completely harmless,” Gibbs said. “If you want to keep them away from your house, one thing you can do is they are attracted to ultraviolet light so just change out your outdoor lights to yellow lights, you get fewer moths coming in.”

At Bob Baskin Park, many shared with 8 News Now what they have seen in just the last couple of weeks when it came to these creepy crawlers.

“Moths are in the house now. They are all over the house and I’ve been noticing that,” Castle Santos said.

Spring is the season for moths, ants, and grasshoppers to come out in full force. However, these types of insects typically move to cooler climates by the end of June.