Las Vegas Valley experiencing problems with growing rat population

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Chances are you’ve seen this nasty pest in your neighborhood: rats. In recent years, “roof rats” were brought in on palm or fruit trees, with first sightings reported in the Spanish Trail development in the late ’90s.

8 News Now has covered several stories regarding the rat problem in Las Vegas, and some say they never had an issue until recently. With the Valley expanding, the rat problem is expanding, too.

“They were right down in here. We didn’t know; we tore all this out, and the rats were coming underneath there because it’s good cover for them” said Mike Henle, a resident in the southwest Valley.

Henle noticed the rat problem in his neighborhood in October.

“Well, I was sitting in my office one day and just kinda looking out the window, and we been talking about the rats being an issue, and there was one right there,” Henle remembered.

Kevin Rast of JS Pest Control said this isn’t the only area with an increase in rats. Other affected areas include the north Valley, south, Summerlin and Henderson.

“The thing you have to remember about rats is they have four to six litters of five to six babies per couple,” Rast said.

If you do the math, you’re looking at two rats producing 30 or more pups a year. If there are construction projects near the area you live, you most likely will spot them searching for food and shelter.

According to Rast, “they love the dog food that’s left on the back porch. They love the bird seed that you left for the birds. They love the garbage that is left out sometimes and blows down the street.”

If your home has a doggy door, you run the risk of rats finding their way into your home via that avenue. Rast noted the best way to ensure you stave off infestations is to have your house inspected.

If you discover you have rat problem in your home, call an expert and have them check if there is any damage caused by the pests.

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