Las Vegas unveils new slogan, paying tribute to city’s ‘What happens here’ legacy

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The impact of Kobe Bryant’s death here at home was felt by more than just fans. After hearing the news, Las Vegas city leaders changed how they rolled out a new slogan across Las Vegas.

The city wanted to give people time to mourn the death of basketball icon Kobe Bryant, so the release wasn’t as grand as planned.

Several have already seen the commercial that reads, ‘What happens here, only happens here.’

“As generations change, so do taste, so do interests, etc. So, our job is to stay ahead of those trends when we can, but at least not get behind them,” stated Billy Vassiliadis, CEO of R&R Partners.

Vegas tapped into its roster of star-studded resident performers to share the message, from Shania Twain to Aerosmith and Christina Aguilera.

They’re hoping to bring more people to the city with the ad.

“We’re primarily responsible for all the marketing, advertising, public relations and social media, the look, sounds and sights of selling Las Vegas to the world,” noted Vassiliadis.

For some 20 years, the city’s popular advertising campaign, ‘What happens here, stays here,’ captivated audiences.

Others say it needed to evolve.

The ad narrates that what happens in Vegas is a ‘symphony written for the bold daredevils. It has a melody only the fearless can hear.’

“That package doesn’t exist anywhere else. That whole sort of array of both entertainment, dining, more importantly energy and options and opportunities is so unique to us, that’s what the spot is all about.”

The new slogan will pay tribute to the ‘What happens here’ legacy while taking on a new perspective.

Within the coming weeks, the marquee displays around the Strip will also change.

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