LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As major construction for the Formula One race repaving continues on the Las Vegas Strip, Uber and Lyft drivers shared their concerns with 8 News Now Friday.

“It’s very frustrating,” Bridget Clayton, a local Uber and Lyft driver said.

Cones, closures and some major congestion has been the reality on Las Vegas Boulevard, as Formula One paving work continues. 

“It’s time-consuming,” Clayton added. “You are just sitting.”

It’s an issue for most drivers in the valley, but those working for Uber and Lyft told 8 News Now the construction is also hurting their bottom line. 

“It’s hard to get around,” another Uber driver said of the construction. “So you lose money.”

The work started on Sands Avenue at the beginning of April, and the main work is said to continue on Las Vegas Boulevard through May 19. 

Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane are then set to see major closures through the middle of June, with both rounds of repaving wrapping up mid-September. 

For a closer look at closures and paving schedules for Formula One, click here.

“You take a right turn to kind of deviate and go down a back road,” Clayton said. “That’s blocked.”

However, Clayton said she’s never seen construction this bad in the area, and with most surrounding roads ripped up, she said it feels like there’s no escape. 

“I spent 45 minutes in traffic yesterday,” she said. “I am trying to hit 20 rides, I can’t.”

Most have said they can’t wait to see what Formula One brings to Las Vegas, but as everyone deals with months of preparation, these drivers hope to see some relief on the horizon. 

“It’s going to line up pockets to some people,” an Uber driver concluded. “Some people are going to lose money.”

Formula One’s inaugural race will be in Las Vegas from Nov. 16 through Nov. 18.