LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A local tutoring facility shows how important it is to learn about digital literacy.

New East West Academy is now offering coding classes, in addition to the many tutoring subjects available.

“This gives you a logical thinking process, how the computer thinks how we think with it how to use it,” said Bruce Bommarito, co-founder of New East West Academy.

Bommarito and his wife Susan Wang started the academy in 2018, offering tutoring classes such as Chinese, chess, and math. They were inspired by the academic options they wished their twin daughters would have in school.

“We wanted to give our own children some good programs to enrich their school curriculum,” said Wang.

The family said they believe in offering non-traditional courses in their after-school facility to let students reach their fullest potential.

To learn more about New East West Academy, visit their website at this link.