UPDATE: This article has been modified to clarify Temple Beth Sholom’s mission to assist the war effort in Israel.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Jewish temple in Las Vegas is searching for ways to help the Israeli effort in the ongoing Middle Eastern conflict and has raised enough money to buy one Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulance (MICU).

The MICU ambulances cost $140,000 each, and the congregants of Temple Beth Sholom in Summerlin and people outside of the congregation are endeavoring to raise money for a second one. The temple raised the first $140,000 in one day.

“Jewish communities around the world are trying to figure out how to help Israel at this time,” Rabbi Felipe Goodman, a spiritual leader at Beth Sholom said. “It’s a defining moment for the Jewish people. And I think we decided to raise money for an ambulance because it’s a real concrete way of helping people that need physical help when they’re in pain. There’s no more horrific thing than going through a war.”

Goodman said people manning the MICU ambulances “can do some very complicated procedures in them.”

The donations go to Israel’s version of the Red Cross, Magen David Adom, which will use the MICU ambulances to help those on the frontlines and civilians injured during the war.

“They raise their own money, and they help everyone in Israel who needs to be helped,” Goodman said.

Anyone interested in making a donation can visit www.bethsholomlv.org/magendavid. Those who prefer to donate via phone or check can contact the Temple Beth Sholom office for assistance at 702-804-1333 ext. 100.