Update: Aiden Cicchetti was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on May 23 and released on May 25, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

While facing three felony sexual assault charges, he was released on his own recognizance with no electronic monitoring. This means he did not have to post bail.

His bail condition, set by a Las Vegas Justice Court judge, is to “stay out of trouble,” along with an order to have no contact with the victim.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas teen faces three charges of sexual assault after he was accused of raping a nearly unconscious teen girl in the back of a car while other teens filmed and laughed, according to an arrest report.

The victim told police that she and some friends were invited to a party bus on the night of Friday, March 24. She and her friends all drove to Red Rock Casino to get on the party bus at 9 p.m.

While on the bus, the victim met with a boy named Aiden Cicchetti. She told police that she and her friends were sharing a bottle of Tito’s and taking shots from an unknown bottle of alcohol that Cicchetti had brought.

According to the report, the victim told police that she was “feeling intoxicated” on the bus and that she had blurry vision and was stumbling. After the bus returned to Red Rock Casino, according to the victim, someone had mentioned a house party that was happening in Henderson.

Cicchetti, the victim, and several others, including two people that the victim did not know, got into a car and drove to the party in Henderson. The victim told police that at that point her vision had become much blurrier and that she was dizzy and nauseous.

Once at the house party, the victim and her friends continued to drink shots of Malibu until the unknown host of the party told everyone that the party needed to start clearing out of his house. The victim told police that she vaguely remembered walking to her car, but nothing after that.

According to the report, when the victim “came to,” she was in Cicchetti’s kitchen and was naked aside from a black corset top and a blanket wrapped around her waist.

The victim called her mother, who told her to come home. An unknown person who was with the victim at Cicchetti’s house helped her redress before she drove herself home. According to the report, she got home at around 3:40 a.m.

The victim told police that later that day, Cicchetti sent her a message on Snapchat and asked how she was feeling after he “[expletive]’d her down” the night before. She thought he was kidding.

According to the report, the victim noticed some vaginal bleeding, but “did not think much of it because she was hungover.”

The victim told police that late on Sunday evening, she was sent a Snapchat from her friend stating “LMAO look what I found on my phone.”

The report stated that the message contained three videos that showed the victim in the backseat of her car with Cicchetti, both without pants, while Cicchetti performed sex acts on her while others in the car “watched, laughed, and recorded on their phones.”

The victim drove to school Monday morning and rewatched the videos again in her car before her first class. The victim showed one of her friends the videos and told her that she did not remember any of it. That friend helped her report the incident and the videos to school staff.

According to the report, the friend who had sent the videos to the victim had her phone confiscated before it was given to the police. The victim was taken to the University Medical Center Hospital where she was given a SANE exam.

In a search of the victim’s car, officers found both the blanket and the corset top that the victim was wearing the night of the incident. “Several white stains” were found on the back seat, which were swabbed and will be tested for DNA and compared to a sample provided by Cicchetti, the report stated.

The victim was able to save the videos that were sent to her and give them to detectives. She told police that the videos were taken in her car.

In the first video, the victim is shown in the back seat of the car, laying on her back and naked from the waist down. According to the report, she appeared to be barely conscious and could be heard saying stop while Cicchetti was having sex with her. An unnamed witness(es) could be heard laughing in the background.

According to the report, in the second and third videos, Cicchetti can be seen performing sexual acts on the victim while she cried “No, no, no.”

Once Cicchetti was identified, he was taken into custody from his house. His mother, who identified herself as an attorney, followed. According to the report, Cicchetti asked what the charges were and was told it was for sexual assault, to which he responded that “he would never do something like that.”

His mother told police that Cicchetti was supposed to go to a party over the weekend, but that he never went.

Cicchetti asked for his mother to be present in the interview room. According to the report, Cicchetti initially asked for an attorney and then said he wanted to talk “because he would never sexually assault someone.”

According to the report, Cicchetti went to a party bus on the night of March 24 where he was drinking and smoking marijuana. After that party, there was another party happening in Henderson. Cicchetti told police that he parties and drinks at least once a week.

When asked how intoxicated he was, Cicchetti told police that his vision was a little blurry, but that he “was sober enough to be in control of his actions and behavior.”

Cicchetti told police that after they left the house party, he and some friends drove to his house. Once at his house, he met with some other friends who were going to spend the night. He told police that he went straight to bed because he was drunk and said the girls never came into his house.

According to the report, Cicchetti told police that he texted the victim later in the day to ask how she was doing. He told police he wanted to check on her because she had been stumbling and vomiting after the party bus.

When asked if he had sex with anyone the night of the party or the next morning, Cicchetti said no.

Police then showed Cicchetti the videos of him from the victim’s car, the report stated. When asked if it was him in the video, he confirmed that it was him, asked for an attorney, and began to cry.

According to the report, Cicchetti told police that the sex was consensual. He later told detectives that he did have sex with the victim, but that “he did not want to and her friends forced him.”

“Remarkably, Metro interviewed only one of the 4 people present with [the girl] that night,” Cicchetti’s attorney, Ross Goodman, said in a statement to 8 News Now. “That person as well as the three other witnesses interviewed by the defense confirmed [she] was coherent the entire night and insisted on trading places in the car so she could have sex with Aiden. She insisted on returning to Aiden’s house to hang out with him one hour after they had dropped him off. She was at Aiden’s house for a brief time with her friend and several other people before driving herself home. None of her friends described [her] as incoherent or blacked out.”

Cicchetti was taken into custody and taken to the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center. He faces three charges of sexual assault.