LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A 13-year-old Las Vegas teen wishes to make a difference by creating a peer support network called Brooklynn’s Therapeutic Help.

The goal is to provide an outlet for teens to talk about issues they may be facing at home, school, or in their personal lives.

“If they need support with anything or support talking to a friend or if they need help solving an argument with a friend or if they just want to tell me about their day, I’d be open to that,” said Brooklynn.

Having an online forum gives teens another option to talk if they don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves in person, the 13-year-old said.

The idea to create the website came from Brooklynn’s own experiences last year.

“I think I also use the website as a coping skill because last year, when I was struggling,” Brooklynn added. “I felt alone pretty much and that nobody understood it, but people started to reply to me and it showed me other people had similar issues to what I used to have. It helps me too, to know that I’m not alone.”

The website also has a link to other destressing methods and coping skills.

Since creating the website, the feedback from friends, family, teachers, and classmates has been positive.