LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Several sex abuse victims are suing a former teacher and the Clark County School District alleging administrators tried covering up the abuse.

That teacher, Jonathan Cronin, was sentenced to prison in 2020 after pleading guilty to child abuse charges.

Three former students who attended Sierra Vista High School filed a 29-page lawsuit in federal court in October of 2022. All three have special needs and were enrolled in the school’s special education program.

They have made nine claims in the lawsuit, including Sierra Vista administrators failing to investigate the abuse despite the fact one of the students came forward to report Cronin.

Law enforcement arrested Cronin in 2019 for inappropriately touching multiple disabled students at Sierra Vista. He was also a wrestling coach at Sierra Vista.

According to the lawsuit, Cronin routinely subjected the three to sexual molestation, harassment, and assault, “which included sexual, physical, and emotional.”

Cronin was arrested during a month-long sting called Operation Silver Star, where more than 20 law enforcement agencies joined forces to arrest fugitives.

“As we speak there are people that are out there that are being actively pursued by the Marshals and my word to them if you know that you’re wanted turn yourself in. Simply walk down and turn yourself in because sooner or later as talked about by the U.S. Attorney, we will find you,” Gary Schofield, a US Marshal for the District of Nevada, said in 2019.

In 2020, Cronin was sentenced to a minimum of three years in prison.

The victims allege the principal and assistant principal of Sierra Vista at the time, failed to comply with state laws and district policies on promptly reporting the abuse. They also accused these administrators of concealing this information.

Furthermore, the victims say the investigation into Cronin was only initiated after the Las Vegas Metro Police Department inquired about one of the student’s allegations.

The victims didn’t list a specific dollar amount that they are seeking in their lawsuit.

In a statement to CCSD said it doesn’t comment on pending litigation.