LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – It was a blast from the past for a group of former and current Clark County School District students who dug up a 25-year-old time capsule at a Las Vegas school on Monday.

The capsule was buried in front of Richard H. Bryan Elementary School in 1998. Students said they came up with the idea to celebrate the opening of the school.

“I remember planning it because we were in the G.A.T.E. class which was the class that was in charge of planning,” a former student said. photojournalist Henry Takai was there for the special event in Las Vegas.

“It was driven by the kids, I mean, again we wanted to memorialize this brand new building new school that we had,” Larry Epstein specialist for the Gifted and Talented program at the school shared.

Some of the items rediscovered in the time capsule included a yearbook and a TV guide, newspapers, floppy disks, and written work from classmates.