LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Eldorado High School student accused of sexually assaulting and attempting to kill one of his teachers pleaded not guilty on all charges Wednesday morning.

Jonathan Martinez Garcia, who was 16, at the time of the alleged attack on April 7, 2022, appeared in Clark County District Court.

Garcia is facing numerous charges:

  • Kidnapping resulting in substantial bodily harm in the first degree
  • Battery by strangulation with intent to commit sexual assault (2 counts)
  • Battery with intent to commit sexual assault resulting in substantial bodily harm
  • Attempt murder with the use of a deadly weapon (2 counts)
  • Attempt murder
  • Sexual assault
  • Attempt sexual assault
  • Robbery

According to the arrest report, Martinez Garcia, an 11th grader, went to the teacher’s classroom to see what assignments he might be missing when the attack occurred.

The teacher “asked Jonathan repeatedly why he was ‘doing this’ to her,” police said. The student replied he really liked this specific teacher, he “didn’t like teachers” and was “getting revenge” police said.

The victim later said in court that Garcia said he had another self, and that although he really liked the teacher, his other self “hated all teachers and wanted to get revenge.”

The victim added that she was hospitalized for over a week after the alleged incident and that she has been using a walker ever since.

Garcia is being processed as an adult due to the nature of the charges. He was found competent to stand trial following two mental evaluations.

Jonathan Martinez Garcia appears in Clark County District Court with his lawyer on Aug. 24, 2022. (KLAS)

It was revealed in court Martinez Garcia’s private attorney might also withdraw from the case due to his client’s financial situation. This would allow for the public defender’s office to appoint an attorney.

The judge said there will be a status check in two weeks regarding the attorney situation and in the next 60 days a trial date will be set.