UPDATE: On Wednesday, Oct. 25, two additional dogs tested positive for Strep Zoo. Both dogs are being treated with antibiotics and are doing well, according to the shelter.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A total of five dogs at a Las Vegas animal shelter have died in less than two weeks. The deaths come after a recent spike in canine respiratory illnesses across the valley.

The Animal Foundation said its veterinary team has started treatment for all of the dogs in its care with an antibiotic to prevent the spread of Strep Zoo.

Since Sunday, October 15, five dogs have had severe clinical signs consistent with Strep Zoo. Of those five, two were humanely euthanized and three died; test results are still pending for three of the dogs.

The shelter said it has 110 dogs that need a home as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the highly contagious bacteria.

The Animal Foundation added that taking a dog out of the shelter could help make a difference in whether they are affected by an infectious respiratory disease.

All the dogs at the shelter who are known to have been exposed to the dogs with Strep Zoo have been placed in quarantine for 7 days.

Strep Zoo symptoms

Signs of Strep Zoo include coughing, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy, labored breathing, and coughing blood. Clinical signs can quickly progress to pneumonia and may result in sudden death. The Animal Foundation recommends pet owners contact their veterinarian for immediate care if their dog is showing symptoms of Strep Zoo.

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