LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A gym in Las Vegas aims to serve those with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities, all while having a good time, officials say.

Ability Center, located near Sahara Avenue and Jones Boulevard, is a “sensory fitness center,” and officials from the facility say it delivers a new kind of tailgating to its members during Monday Night Football games.

The gym offers social programs to its members, including its newest effort, a Monday night tailgate party that combines socialization with healthy eating.

Chris Salas, director of Ability Center, says the organization is trying to show members healthier options exist while watching football on Monday nights.

“We do a healthy tailgate,” said Salas. “Chicken teriyaki bowls, hamburgers, no mayo, no cheese, no chips, no fries. We’ll do some popcorn for our members.”

Ability Center moved to its new location in Betty’s Village during the summer, for which the organization received a $10,000 boost in the form of a grant from NV Energy. Still, officials say they rely on donations like this to keep the center going.

Officials from the gym say there is a plan for expansion to more locations across the valley, adding that the most significant barrier to members is transportation to and from the location.

A Fall Fitness Spectacular event is scheduled for Nov. 4. More information on that and Ability Center in general is available on the gym’s website.