LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– It’s an update to a story we first brought to you back in September.

Residents living in the Royal Mobile Home Park in the northeast valley were having a hard time accessing food and turned to 8 News Now for help.

After the original story aired, one local nonprofit reached out in hopes of bridging the gap when it comes to seniors and food insecurity. 

Seniors can now enjoy a Thanksgiving meal this holiday season with the help of donations.

Naoko Kimura is the founder of a local nonprofit called ‘The Center for Women and Families Abroad.’

She said her nonprofit has limited resources but tries to help in any way she can.

“This is from my personal experience,” said Kimura. “I’m a single mother and we went through some struggles in the past. I do understand how important it is to help others, so I decided to do this.”

With 80 bags of food filled with canned goods and boxed meals, community manager Virginia Buzart said this will help feed 50 to 60 struggling families.

“It’s really hard,” added Buzart. “I have one tenant who only gets $900 a month and it’s very hard for him and I try to help him as much as I can and I can only do so much.”

May Simpson first reached out to 8 News Now a few months ago and said she is overwhelmed with the generosity of those willing to help.

“When I came in and saw how much food there was, I was blown away,” said Simpson. “It was tremendous. it was something I did not expect. “