LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Last month, 8 News Now spoke to East valley residents at Los Pecos Senior Apartments about their tires being slashed as concern for their safety has been an ongoing problem for years.

This week, with Metro’s help, corporate has now stepped up to install more security on the premises.

“We had a great positive meeting and it seems like we will have security,” Lori Cerdeiros, who lives at Los Pecos Senior Apartments said.

Cerdeiros and her neighbors breathed a sigh of relief after a meeting was held this week addressing their concerns at their complex.

“The person from the corporate office in Oregon told us that they are working on getting cameras on the corner of the building, maybe with motion lights so they will check the lighting as well,” resident Jeannie Rains said.

With the addition of cameras and better lighting, GSL Properties which owns the complex, also promised on-site security to patrol the premises daily. 

“One of the guys in charge of the security company spoke to us and said they will do it intermittently every day driving around,” Rains said.

Residents said that they hope there is follow through with this, but time will tell because all they want is to feel safe again.

“It just brings questions on why did it take so long?” resident Lynne Bradford said.