LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Travelers will still be flowing into Las Vegas over Fourth of July weekend, despite high gas prices and expected travel delays.

AAA predicted 47.9 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home over the holiday weekend. Gas is roughly $2 more per gallon than it was this time last year, and an estimated 42 million Americans will be traveling by car, setting a new record for road trips.

California resident David Colon said he’s making a stop in Las Vegas after a 23-day road trip.

“We haven’t paid more than 5 dollars a gallon of gas until yesterday just outside of Colorado and Utah, those were in the low fives but everything else was mid $4.50 and $4.89,” Colon said. “Driving definitely gave us the flexibility to change our plans, originally we were going to Yellowstone, but it closed so we just pivoted and said okay we’re going to go to Chicago, Illinois instead.”

Visitors Jesus Cruz and Ruth Gonzalez said you should prepare for traffic delays and leave as early as possible.

“You know what, let’s just go for it, it’s almost the same as taking the plane so we might as well take a road trip. It’s our first time here so we decided to come and check out everything,” the visitors said.