LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A judge approved a motion filed by The Las Vegas Review-Journal Wednesday to block the state from searching late investigative journalist Jeff German’s phone and computers seized after his murder. 

“Jeff’s legacy is of fearless, determined, relentless reporting,” Las Vegas Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook told 8 News Now of German. 

Cook remembered what German brought to the newsroom a month after his death. 
“We’re all grieving,” Cook said. ‘We’re all hurting over the loss of a trusted friend and colleague.”

Cook added with that grief they’re feeling, also comes a journalistic effort. 
“It’s at this point, about making sure his murder does not do anything to compromise our ability to tell important stories,” Cook explained.

On Tuesday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal filed a temporary restraining order blocking the state and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department from searching the electronic devices seized after his death. 

“We are in uncharted territory,” Cook explained. “On multiple fronts here.”
Cook told 8 News Now any information not related to the case of Robert Telles, who is accused of murdering Jeff, should be off limits under Nevada’s Reporter Shield Law. 

“We can’t allow them to learn the identities of important, confidential sources inside those agencies,” Cook said.

It’s the latest way German’s friends and colleagues are doing their best to honor him. 
“The kind of determination and relentlessness to the way he did his job is going to inspire future generations of journalists,” Cook said.

8 News Now reached out to the Clark County District Attorney’s office Wednesday evening regarding this case.

A representative responded saying the message was passed along to District Attorney Steve Wolfson and a response was expected Thursday morning.