LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If you haven’t heard some are calling this month Veganuary instead of January.

This is the fourth annual Las Vegas Vegan Dining month and people are encouraged to give the plant based diet a try.

Diana Edelman who is the founder of “Vegans, Baby” has put together a book that outlines all the great restaurants that offer vegan dishes in Las Vegas

Edelman said she started her blog and the vegan dining month to help introduce this type of eating to people in a gradual way.

“The easiest way to do it is move into the alternatives. Try a philly cheesesteak from Ariela’s or a pizza. The restaurants that I’m working with for vegan dining month all have options that are really designed for people that aren’t sure if they’d like it ot to dip their toes in,” she said.

There are 25 restaurants participating in vegan dining month. Among others, they include Ariela’s Pizza and Kosher Kitchen, Bronze Cafe, Honey Salt, and Tacotarian.

Some of the proceeds raised during the month will benefit the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada which is focused on social and environmental justice in Nevada.