LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — During Black History Month, 8 News Now will be highlighting remarkable community members.

Rosalind Jamerson has been helping provide the community with wheelchairs, patient care lifts, and other medical supplies for free for nearly two decades.

Jamerson does it through Medtyme, a local community relief and resource center for those who cannot afford needed medical supplies.

“We step in and help those facing temporary hardship, medical devastation, so that’s what it’s about,” Jamerson said.

Whether it’s equipment, food, or even notary services, Jamerson steps in, especially for seniors.

Iberia Brown Hodge has leaned on Jamerson for the past 7 years. Jamerson helped her through her care and passing of her family members.

“Diapers, bed pans, meals, whatever I needed,” Hodge said. “[It’s] more than friendship now, she’s my sister.”

The nonprofit organization came from Jamerson’s experiences, and other medical and hospice facilities now donate to and depend on it for patients.

Jamerson’s husband, a paramedic firefighter, was injured on the job and passed away. While she had the fire department’s support through his care, others were not so lucky.

“So, I thought about helping other people because I am the people, I was the people, I know the struggle,” Jamerson said.

Jamerson has supported the effort with her own pension and through donations since it began.

Dr. Lashon Fredricks helps the organization as a grant writer.

“She is really a pillar in the community, she helps out everyone,” he said. “I just walked in, saw everything was donation based, I saw a line of people outside with their needs being met and that pulled on my heartstrings.”

Jamerson has struggled to make rent at Medtyme’s current facility, so the organization will have to move at the end of February.

While Medtyme will be moving out of the location, that is not stopping Jamerson as she is actively looking for warehouse space. She gets about 30 calls a day for assistance, and she is still taking them and plans to continue doing so.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the organization get set up in new headquarters. If you would like to help donate, visit this link.