LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas pharmacy north of the Strip is preparing to close its doors and some residents are concerned about what the latest vacancy could bring to the area.

After being open for more than 30 years, the Walgreens on Charleston and Las Vegas boulevards is expected to close on Nov. 9.

“What are they going to do with this place? Are they going to leave it empty or build something that can help us all?” nearby resident Miguel Silva said.

He added that he and his family grew up going to Walgreens and while he is sad to see the pharmacy go, at the same time he feels that it is not the same as it once was.

“It was always the go-to Walgreens to get your medication,” Silva said. “Over the years now with the homeless it doesn’t feel safe anymore.”

Others who live in the area told 8 News Now it’s not so much the store closing, but the empty lot that will be left behind, that is the concern.

“It will become overrun with people, living in their cars and breaking in,” Pat Robertson said.

She and her sister Judy feel the entire lot is particularly vulnerable as the property next door closed recently too.

“They need to have this whole area fenced in with high wall so people can’t climb over. They need security too,” Judy Grafton said.

8 News Now reached out to Walgreens to find out the reason behind the closure and as of Tuesday evening is awaiting a response.

City of Las Vegas Councilwoman Olivia Diaz oversees the area and said she is aware of the closure and has asked the owner to make sure the property is kept secure, safe, and clean during the interim.