LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– While Nevada is not part of the lottery, there are several places you can get a ticket including in Arizona, about 30 miles from the Hoover Dam.

8 News Now reporter, Christian Cazares, drove to Arizona Last Stop where he found many looking for their billion-dollar opportunity.

Arizona Last Stop is off the U.S 93 and was packed with customers hoping to buy the winning ticket of $1.1 billion, most of the customers are from Nevada.

“It’s life-changing money. Everyone says they would help their friends and family but I would give back to charitable donations because it’s too much money,” said Southern Highlands Resident, Gayle Rauch.

Those who make the drive to Kingman are hoping for some relief in Arizona after hearing about the long lottery lines at the Nevada-California border.

“We take it one person at a time. We try to help everyone that we can. We even print tickets ahead of time so people don’t have to wait in line,” said Manager, Rachel Sockwell.

Arizona Last Stop has four machines for cash purchases and three machines for debit cards, options Rhonda Fields said helped her get in and out of the store fast.

“We wait until it’s at a certain amount on the Mega but we are here all the time buying scratch tickets,” said Fields.

Aside from helping family and friends rise financially, many lotto dreamers said they would pay it forwards if they win the grand prize.

“I just need a little bit so I can help people around the world, especially the Ukrainian people. It’s so sad to see the kids and the innocent people,” said Las Vegas resident, Krystyna Arusztowitz.

Some say the location is worth the drive from Las Vegas after learning about the 2021 winner, a North Las Vegas resident who took home more than $650,000, according to a store employee.

Arizona Last Stop is located in White Hills, Arizona and there are about six other stores to get tickets from south of White Hills on the way to Kingman.