LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A recent survey ranked Nevada as one of the top ten gas-guzzling states in the nation. However, the prices at the pump are causing some families to pump the brakes on travel plans.

According to Gas Buddy, the average price of gas in Las Vegas climbed 6.4 cents to an average of $4.22 per gallon.

“Gas prices are astronomically high right now,” Uber driver, Jason Caston said. “It makes it really hard to drive! You have to know when to drive and where to find cheaper gas!” 

A survey released by QuoteWizard found that 45% of the Nevadans surveyed had canceled trips because of higher fuel prices. An additional 26% are carpooling to help save money as everything continues to rise in price due to inflation.

Inflation rates have tumbled from their peak of 9% in June 2022. In December it hit 6.5% and in July it was sitting at 3.2%, which is still above the 2% target the Federal Reserve is working toward.

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