LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) sent out cards in the mail, looking for feedback on new proposals.

Some of the changes include the district’s tiered water rate structure. Meaning the more you use, the higher your rate would be.

Also, the potential of cutting golf courses’ water allotment by about a third, and restrictions on new fountains and other new ornamental water features.

Pat Kornegay of Spring Valley says water conservation efforts are a top priority for him, along with running an affordable household, which is why he chose to trade in his front grass lawn for turf.

“I was wasting water trying to get my grass to grow in the front yard because of all the traffic that goes by,” said Kornegay. “I contacted Southern Nevada Water Authority online and found out that I could get a rebate if I was approved.

Kornegay said that since switching to turf there has been a decrease in his water bill. 

“I’d say I save $20 to $30 a month just on the front yard so I’m pretty happy with that and I think it’s worth doing,” he said.

Kornegay’s neighbor, Maria Garcia is also conscious of water use.

“We are just trying to save water, you know,” said Garcia.

“For me for example at my house, if I don’t need the faucet running while I’m washing dishes, I turn the water off.”

Also, to reduce unnecessarily high water use among single-family homes, an excessive-use charge is also being proposed for anyone who uses too much in a month.

Areas like Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Clark County water districts, are working closely with the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Each district would have to vote separately on any changes proposed.