LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – When it rains in Las Vegas, it pours. When it pours there is a possibility of flooding.

Last month, heavy rainfall created a sinkhole in the Spring Valley area near Jones and Harmon. Residents living nearby told 8 News Now they were frustrated it still hadn’t been fixed.

Drivers and those who walk around the area said they are still dealing with increased traffic from lane reductions, a closed sidewalk, and a general eyesore since Sept. 1st.

Clark County staff initially reported an 8-foot wide, 10-foot deep hole, exposing a Southwest Gas line.

The Public Works Department attempted to patch it, but another storm re-opened it.

Ross Banuelos lives nearby and said he leaves early for work, sometimes taking side streets rather than risk sitting in traffic.

“Once people get off work, or are going into work, it just backs up everything. It is a mess.” Banuelos said. “It’s hard for us to get by with it reduced to one lane. Along with the national flag that we have now, the orange cones all over Las Vegas. We’re stuck everywhere! I feel like a maze.”

He told 8 News Now he thinks the hole has gotten bigger.

“I think it is because of the drainage underneath it is taking longer to get fixed,” he said.

For now, the sidewalk is closed and Johnny Partaw walked it and said while it didn’t affect him, he could have fallen in.

Partaw thinks there’s a double standard when it comes to construction.

“They’re doing the F1, which is slowing down traffic. They do construction all the time in Summerlin and Henderson and all the rich areas, but they don’t ever want to fix the poor areas, so it is a pain,” Partaw said.

As for the sinkhole’s proximity to the Spring Valley Library, staff said the sinkhole isn’t close enough to affect business. They still have their after-school programming, but caution families to stay safe in the area.

Southwest Gas deferred to the county for comment and said safety is the priority, and its system is operating as expected. 8 News Now is awaiting an update from Clark County.