LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Linda Duncan reached out to 8 News Now after she said the community pool is an eyesore for residents living at a Las Vegas area complex and a health hazard as it’s green, cloudy, and full of algae.

“Mosquitoes are breeding and it’s been going on for months and you can’t get ahold of the HOA, I’ve tried,” Duncan explained.

Her relatives live in the Cimarron West Housing Complex near Washington Avenue and Rainbow Boulevard.

Duncan said she’s been trying to get this issue fixed in the last few weeks with no response, so she reached out to 8 News Now.

“I’ve contacted code enforcement, two different offices. I contacted Marilyn Kirkpatrick, I wrote to the Clark County health district, and I also tried to contact the HOA, 4 or 5 different numbers and none were in service,” Duncan said.

8 News Now called the HOA number, but it wasn’t in service. There is no listed website for the HOA company. The property management company listed on the Nevada Homeowner’s Association website is no longer managing Cimarron West.

While it is the homeowner’s association to maintain common areas like pools, realtor Mary Thomas said there are a few things you can do if you cannot contact the HOA.

“The really most important thing to do at this point is document everything from phone conversations, and emails, and take photos,” Duncan added. “We all have smartphones today that have the ability to take videos and take pictures, and they’re all date stamped and time stamped with locations.”

The next step is contacting the office of the Ombudsman, as the Ombudsman assists homeowners and board members with their rights and what you need to do to resolve issues.

“Then your last recourse would be to file a formal complaint with the Nevada Real Estate Division because they do govern the property management companies, and when they receive a complaint, trust me they do pay attention, and will hopefully get some resolution.

In the end, Duncan said she just wants a clean pool for everyone to enjoy.

“I just want it fixed, get it remedied,” Duncan said.

For more information on how to file a complaint against a homeowner’s association board member or unit owner, click here.