LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Those who were facing eviction can breathe a little bit easier.

The federal eviction moratorium has been extended just two days before it was due to expire.

The pandemic has forced people out of work, and to remain at home.

To ensure people remain socially distant and out of shelters, the eviction moratorium has been a key part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Susy Vasquez, executive director of the Nevada State Apartment Association, tells us that last summer, more than 50% of their landlords reported renters using assistance.

That number is now around 15%, but many people are still in need.

She also said it’s crucial for renters to make a plan with their landlord

“It is critical right now that people who are able to make rent payments right now make those payments to maintain that roof over their head,” Vasquez said. “Because landlords are in equal dire straits many times. Especially the smaller ones, when it comes to making their mortgage payments.”

Though there is a moratorium, all back rent must be paid.

This does make it challenging for small landlords, so evictions could be inevitable this summer for many.

There are grants available for small business owners, but those are going fast.

If you are potentially facing eviction, the CARES Act has income restrictions for those in need of rent assistance.

You can call 211 if you are a renter or landlord in need of help.