LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local MAGA rapper Loza Alexander, now has a hit song capitalizing on a new meme.

His song entitled, “Let’s go Brandon” hit number one on the hip-hop chart on iTunes and is currently number two behind Adele’s newest hit song.

The popular Republican meme stems from a NASCAR interview where the crowd appears to be chanting “f*** Joe Biden” but the reporter who was interviewing Brandon Brown says they were chanting “Let’s go Brandon!”

Rapper Loza Alexander (Courtsey: Youtube/Loza Alexander)

The video of the interview went viral and memes of the phrase “Let’s go Brandon,” appeared all over social media.

That’s when Alexander decided to turn the meme into a song.

He tells 8 News Now he hopes his lyrics inspire people who may be feeling down due to job stress and the pandemic. He says he wants people that hear his music to feel a sense of freedom.

Alexander says he became a Trump fan last year after talking to a friend around the fourth of July.

He is currently working on a full album.