LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As the war rages on in the Middle East, people in Las Vegas are speaking out.

Two groups gathered near Las Vegas Boulevard and Bridger Avenue on Thursday, one to support Israel and the other to back the civilians of Palestine.

On Thursday evening, 8 News Now spoke to people on each side of the movement.

“This is pure terrorism and evil. This is worse than the Holocaust, worse,” Liz Levi expressed. “Our people survived the Holocaust and we’re going to survive this also.”

While each side stood behind a different message, they did have a common goal, to give those living in Las Vegas a voice.

“Unfortunately, there’s people dying, we don’t want that. But when you push people into a corner, and they don’t have options,” Michael said. “We need to show other people what the truth is behind all this.”

Many local lawmakers including Democratic Senator Jackie Rosen have spoken out in support of Israel, since Hamas’s surprise attack.

The rallies continued through Thursday evening.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police had a large presence during the rally, more than a dozen officers stood between the two rallying groups. Security guards could also be seen protecting buildings in the downtown area.