LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Messages from loved ones, written in chalk on the sidewalk, still surround a southwest Las Vegas valley memorial three weeks after the subject was shot and killed during a large party.

It’s on the other side of a fence surrounding The Wyatt, an apartment complex where neighbors now walk past a stain near the pool. That stain is where they say two of the three gunshot victims bled out after the early August gathering.

Eric, as he asked to go by, lives directly across from the scene and remembers hearing the late-night gunshots before a swarm of people ran past his front door.

“A gun gives people a lot of courage,” Eric said, speaking inside the complex Thursday morning. “There’s always kids there. That’s the one thing, it’s like—I have a granddaughter, and I don’t want, you know, me taking my granddaughter to the pool and next thing you know they shoot it up.”

It’s situations like this that prompt concerns about holiday weekend parties that could turn dangerous, especially ahead of the Labor Day weekend.

So far in 2023, there have been at least four reports of house party deaths across the valley, which took the lives of at least five people and injured several others. At least three of the deceased were teenagers.

Las Vegas Metro police say they’re taking proactive measures ahead of the weekend, like posting a warning on social media Thursday morning. ‘Please note that house parties have resulted in violence,’ it reads, while indicating parties at short-term rentals also contribute to the problem amongst permanent residences.

A police department representative emphasized to 8 News Now that they are not deterring people from gathering, but typically receive more calls for service during tourism influxes and large gatherings.

“Just like liquid courage, you get that pistol, and somebody says the wrong thing to you or looks at you the wrong way, people want to use it,” Eric said. “Metro’s got to keep us safe, you know, because, there is a lot of people dying here in Las Vegas.”

Metro Police are asking the public to stay safe by:

  • Calling 911 for active emergencies
  • Calling 311 for suspicious activity
  • Submitting online service requests to be connected to community-oriented policing squads
  • Anonymously submitting tips to Crime Stoppers of Nevada online or at (702) 385-5555