LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metropolitan police released footage Monday showing a police shooting that killed 49-year-old Officer Truong Thai and the subsequent arrest of a suspect last week.

Officer Thai was one of two officers who responded to a domestic disturbance call just after 1 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 on Flamingo Road near University Center Drive.

A woman had called police to report that she had been battered by her husband, later identified as 24-year-old Tyson Hampton, Assistant Sheriff Andrew Walsh said. The woman was waiting for police with her mother in the 800 block of Flamingo.

Metro Officer Gillihan first arrived and spoke to both women before Officer Thai arrived just before 1:50 a.m. Thai then walked to Hampton, who was sitting in a car a short distance away from the victim, Walsh said.

Thai asked Hampton what was going on, and when Hampton did not reply, Thai told him to put his hands on the steering wheel, which he did while staying silent. Hampton then looked to the passenger seat and took his hands off the wheel before Thai reached into the car and tried to control Hampton’s arm, according to Walsh.

Thai told Hampton to get out of the car while Gillihan walked up to the rear of the vehicle before Hampton drove away. Hampton then reached out and started shooting at the officers while driving away very slowly, Walsh said.

One of the rounds Hampton fired hit Thai while both officers shot back. Hampton fired a total of 18 rounds during the incident, according to Walsh.

Police later found that Hampton had been armed with an AK-47 pistol and a handgun.

Hampton was later arrested near Desert Inn Road and Eastern Avenue after being bitten by a K-9 officer. He was taken to the Clark County Detention Center once he was treated for his bite wounds.

Hampton faces the following charges related to the shooting and domestic disturbance call:

  • Felony open murder with the use of a deadly weapon
  • Four counts of felony attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon
  • Felony discharging a gun at/into an occupied structure/vehicle/craft
  • Felony discharging a gun within structure/vehicle/prohibited area
  • Felony battery with the use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm
  • Misdemeanor domestic battery, first offense

Thai later died at the hospital that morning. He was a 23-year veteran of the department.

Hampton previously pleaded nolo contendere, which means he accepted allegations but denied guilt, to a misdemeanor charge of drawing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner in 2021, records obtained by 8 News Now Investigators showed.